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Building for Burning Man

Three weeks from today, I’ll be driving down to Black Rock City in northwest Nevada. Actually, for 51 weeks of the year, it’s not even a real city. But for those seven days, it becomes the 4th largest city in the state. Burning Man, at its essence, is an arts/culture/music festival in the desert with an emphasis on extreme creative self-expression and self-reliance.

This weekend, our camp (total: ten other friends) began construction on our three-story tower. As sore and tired as I am right now, it felt so good to be creating something physical with my hands because, for the most part, I work digitally in a cubicle. I loved the fresh air, the dusty smell of the barn, and even the splinters in my hands. Here are the fruits of our two-day blitz build.

The barn where all the magic happens. Location: Ellensburg, WA.

Kyle is ready.

Dusty proudly shows off Garet's model.

It's always easier to first build the walls on the floor than when they're upright.

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