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A recent sunset

Sometimes I have to pinch myself to prove that I really live in place like this.

A double rainbow!


A Glacier!

This is what I love about living in the northwest: 3 hours after leaving my apartment, I can be eating lunch at the base of an honest-to-god glacier. Standing a stone’s throw away from a massive field of moving ice is one of those experiences I wish everyone could have in their life. It’s humbling to say the least, on par with witnessing a tornado, volcano, or other forces of nature. This things can literally move and shape mountains.

If you live near Seattle, you gotta hike the 2.5 mile trail to Heliotrope Ridge in the Mt. Baker Wilderness.

Try as I might, these photographs barely capture the scale and presence of the mountain.

Canoeing Ross Lake

What better way to celebrate Independence Day than to go camping in a national park? Five friends and I canoed up Ross Lake for a long weekend of fishing, campfires, and solitude. It was a true adventure and it felt like we had the whole park to ourselves.

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Photo shoot: San Juan Island

Creative Dump

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Sunday brunch: strawberry shortcake

Strawberries fresh from the farmers market!

Pan-seared scallops with a fennel purée